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Drop Spider Tools

This a collection of python scripts and extensions. The drop spider tool chain is written in python for speed of development and robustness of execution. Custom extensions improve performance and memory usage where required, for example converting textures to platform native formats. As such, tools do not exist as an 'executable', but rather a Python class that can be imported at will into any python scripted build chain.

Graphic library

Multiple format texture support (jpeg, png etc). Tool set for cropping, scaling and compositing, so texture manipulation can be easily performed in build chain.

File System Processing

  • Compression

    General custom lossless compression tool.

  • EFS (embedded file system)

    A meta file system for simplifying and managing files on all platforms.

  • Online DRM

    An online encryption system for use in development. Not meant as a commerical system, but allows developers to show their wares without it becoming the latest bit torrent.

  • BRF (Binary relocatable file)

    A general binary file format that can handle all data usages. Provides a single simple data management paradigm for targets. Includes XML complier to a easy read-only binary format.

GOM (Geometric Object model)

A hierarchical object model in python for describing 3D model information. Used as intermediate export format and as a target format for procedural generated data. Highly custom extendible, with each node taking any user attribute information required.

GOM serialises to a XML file inside a zip file. This allows other external file references (like textures) to be optionally embedded within the GOM file. It is also easily human readable and viewable using standard windows tools.

GOM explorer

A windows GUI application that sits on a python interpreter. It allows the loading and viewing of GOM files. Via the use of a Python interpret window, the GOM file can be manipulated with python commands or whole scripts. It includes a reference python driven Open GL renderer.

Art (GOM) compiler

Set of python classes for preparing data for a target platform. This includes:-

  • Basic texture conversion (DXT compression for example).
  • GOM compiling,
  • GUI stylesheet preprocessing.


Universal version for iPhone,iPad and iPod. Free download of first level.

iPad HD version, with higher resolution artwork and audio.

Free mini game based on the Golem Defense universe.

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